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546000 voters to cast ballots today

MUSCAT — The Sultanate is all set to kick off the elections for the first term of the Municipal Councils with more than 546,000 eligible voters expected to cast their ballots today to choose 192 members from among 1,475 candidates, including 46 women.
The Ministry of Interior has announced that it has completed all the necessary preparations for the electoral process and all the governorates are fully equipped and ready 1356107534005942300 to receive voters at 104 election centres based in schools from 7 am to 7 pm today.
The election centres have been chosen in accordance with the density of population in each wilayat and taking into consideration ease of access and avoidance of any traffic congestion. Electronic system has been introduced for the first time and proven successful in terms of accuracy and speed when it was tested in the earlier 1356109742326277900 stages of the election.
The Municipal Council in Muscat Governorate will be chaired by the chairman of Muscat Municipality, while Dhofar Governorate’s Municipal Council will be headed by the deputy governor of Dhofar. In the rest of the governorates the Municipal Councils will be chaired by the governors.
The Municipal Councils will be responsible for presenting proposals concerning road projects, public health, environmental conservation and protection, water and sewage system projects, 1356112364796863500 public parks and entertainment places, schools and housing projects, mosques and health centres, means of public transportation and car parks, development projects, commercial centres as well as other public amenity projects.
Meanwhile, Dr Abdulmunim bin Mansour al Hasani, Minister of Information, yesterday held a celebration at InterContinental Hotel in honour of the mediapersons from friendly countries who will be covering the Municipal Council elections.
The event was attended by Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal al Busaidy, Minister of Interior, Ali bin Khalfan al Jabri, Under-Secretary of Ministry of Information, Dr Ibrahim bin Ahmed al Kindi, CEO of Oman Establishment for Press, Publication and Advertising, and editors-in-chief and representatives of local media and a number of officials at the ministry.

OEPPA launches health insurance service

MUSCAT — The Oman Establishment for Press Publication and Advertising (OEPPA) will introduce health insurance services for its staff starting from the beginning of January 2013 with 467 OEPPA employees along with their families able to benefit from the service.
The move is part of the Establishment’s action strategy which identified the present and futuristic goals and needs and will be implemented gradually and according to priorities.
The new health insurance service includes comprehensive healthcare and treatment at well-established health institutions and medical centres inside and outside the Sultanate.
According to Dr Ibrahim bin Ahmed al Kindi, CEO of Oman Establishment for Press Publication and Advertising, the Establishment is striving to achieve professional excellence and institutional distinctiveness via several procedures that aim at creating an exemplary working environment through improving the work mechanisms that enable the staff to be more creative and productive.
All the modern institutions consider the health insurance programme as imperative, besides it works as incentive for the employees to be focused on the work requirements and help them achieve success, Al Kindi said adding that the new health insurance will see all the Establishment’s employees enjoying free health services at the government health institutions with the option of receiving medical treatment at private hospitals inside and outside the Sultanate and the Establishment will cover the cost of the treatment as a gesture of appreciation to its staff.

Redtag opens third store in Markaz Al Bahja

Muscat: Redtag, known as a popular value fashion, lifestyle and home ware retailer, has announced the official opening of their exciting new store in Markaz Al Bahja.
This leads to the expanding operations in the Muscat region with the opening of their third major outlet in the country. Dr Ibrahim bin Abdullah bin Salim Al Rahbi, director-general, Seeb municipality, Muscat municipality along with Redtag’s country manager and other officials, inaugurated the new showroom in the presence of selected guests and media representatives.

The new Redtag store is all poised to unleash amazing features with its collection which can be enjoyed by residents of Oman. The store will evoke quality, convenience, comfort, credibility and all that’s needed to make shopping fun and fulfilling.
In its all-encompassing ambience, friends and families will also experience clothing that is always fashionable, always affordable. Add to it the signature Redtag warmth and know why customers from around the world feel that they have found their ultimate shopping destination here.

The rapid growth of the Redtag brand in recent months has led to the decision to expand its operations. With this new location it will not only be convenient for shoppers in Muscat region but it will also allow the company to display the wide range of products and facilities they offer to even greater effect than in the past with an added facility.
Commenting on the launch of the new showroom, Nasser Kunnumal, country manager for Redtag said: “We are delighted to be officially opening our second Muscat showroom here in Markaz Al Bahja reflecting the continuing growth and expansion of our business here in the Sultanate.”

Visitors to the new showroom will also be able to benefit from the ongoing offer of free shopping of RO3 with every purchase of RO10.

Redtag has always focused on shopper satisfaction and this has been the single most significant factor for its phenomenal growth and popularity. Being a value-focused retailer offering a range of fashions for the entire family and home-ware for budget-conscious shoppers, the Redtag brand offers the latest in fashion and accessories for men, women, children, infants and newborns, supplemented by comprehensive range of merchandise for the home like dining, bed, bath as well as home dcor items and toys.

Add a one-stop shopping destination concept and the Redtag brand becomes a compelling proposition in the retail market.

“By opening our third  Redtag store in Oman, we have taken a significant step forward in our plan to position Redtag as a fashion retailer that makes the shortlist of any price-sensitive shopper in Oman. Redtag is already a force to be reckoned with in KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Yemen and Jordan.

“We want the brand to achieve the same stature in Oman during 2012. Shoppers at the Markaz Al Bahja store can expect to select from a range of latest in fashion wear and home ware at affordable prices. They can also expect to see new collections in the store regularly,” Kunnumal further added.

Emphasis on strategic planning to secure success

By A Staff Reporter — MUSCAT — ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ — a revolutionary business concept embraced by some of the most successful and profitable corporations around the world — will be introduced for the first time in the Sultanate at a conference to be held at City Seasons Hotel, Al Khuwair, from October 15 to 17. The three-day event, focusing on the theme, ‘Strategic Growth Planning and Change Management’, has been organised by Oman Establishment for Press, Publication and Advertising (OEPPA), publishers of Oman Daily Observer and its sister Arabic newspaper Oman.
Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry, will preside over the opening of the conference on October 15. He will be joined at the inauguration by high-ranking government officials, as well as luminaries from the corporate sector. “This maiden conference hosted by OEPPA aims to shed light on some of the groundbreaking Strategic Growth Planning and Change Management theories that organisations around the world have implemented to secure their success in the face of adversity, be it market competition, economic slowdown or political upheaval,” commented Dr Ibrahim bin Ahmed al Kindi, CEO, OEPPA.
“The event comes within the directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to accord attention to human resources and their development. It reflects OEPPA’s social corporate responsibility in spreading culture and awareness and supporting the local community by the most modern methods of management in keeping with the contemporary concept of administration. “So, we felt that Oman Establishment for Press, Publication and Advertising should have a tangible role in the development of human resources.”
“We have assembled a distinguished line-up of international and local speakers, who will share their experiences on how some of these strategies have been implemented to astounding effect in their respective organisations — government or private sector,” he stated. Also planned in conjunction with the conference is a pair of workshops tailored to provide practical insights into the conference’s twin themes: Strategic Growth Planning and Change Management.
The first of these workshops will dwell on Strategic Growth Planning using the innovative Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS). Formulated by visionaries W Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne of The Blue Ocean Strategy, BOS espouses the principle that organisations can generate high growth and profits by generating new demand in an uncontested market space — or a ‘Blue Ocean’ — rather than by competing for known customers in an existing industry.
Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) is the result of a decade-long study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than 30 industries over 100 years (1880-2000). As an integrated approach to strategy at the system level, BOS requires organisations to develop and align the three strategy propositions: value proposition, profit proposition and people proposition.
This workshop is primarily targeted at decision-makers, CEOs and top level management executives eager to embrace a corporate philosophy that has underpinned the success of innovation-oriented multinationals and corporations around the world. Participants will, among other things, be trained to identify Blue Ocean Strategies; inculcate the skills of planning and innovative thinking; gain new innovative capacities; learn the skills of multi-directional thinking; enhance their skills of value generation and trademarks; imbibe 1348847813000918600 the skills of discovering potential customers and markets; and learn the techniques of systematic thinking to gain future targets.
A parallel symposium on Change Management and the Application of Strategic Planning is targeted for executive administrators, such as directors-general, directors of administration, heads of planning and training departments, and such other positions. The symposium is structured to enable the participants to gain the following skills: strategic planning and implementation; crisis management; change management; tackling resistance to change; facing change and the means of overcoming challenges, and rehabilitating and preparing employees for change. The event is sponsored by Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC).
For further details, please contact us by email at oeppaconference@yahoo.com or call us on 24649146, 95320979, 24649148.

Ministry of Information organises meeting with sports media

MUSCAT — The Ministry of Information organised a joint gathering on the role of sport media at Grand Hyatt yesterday.
The event was attended by Dr Abdul Muniem bin Mansur al Hassani, Minister of Information, Dr Abdulla bin Nassir al Harassi, head of the Radio and TV pubic authority, Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed al Saadi, Minister of Sports Affairs, Ali bin Khallfan al Jabri, Undersecretary of the Information Ministry, Dr Ibrahim bin Ahmed al Kindi, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Establishment for Press, Publication and Advertising, editors-in-chief of Oman News Agency and local newspapers, heads of sports associations and media representatives.
Dr Abdul Muniem bin Mansur al Hassani said in his brief remarks the get together came in the context of joint co-operation between audio, video and print media and the government and private institutions.
He said the gathering initiates planned contacts between ministry of sports officials with heads of sports associations and media people. “In other words, it is a meeting with the decision makers”, he said.
The minister said yesterday’s get together will be followed by meetings with other institutions hoped to maintain close co-operation with the media as they will serve “as our 1338402452389052100 sources if we intend to produce an integrated and comprehensive press and publishing work.”
“We begin our co-operation with the Ministry of Sports Affairs because some important upcoming sports events like the World Cup final qualifiers in Japan in which the Sultanate participate and also the hosting of the world beach handball championship in the Sultanate in July”.
The minister said if the media work in harmony with those concerned then such co-operation will help provide the support necessary for the success of these international events.
The Minister of Sports Affairs said the media can popularise sports and help attract the youth and turn them into practising sportsmen by reporting on sports activities including the upcoming summer sport programme.
Dr Abdulla al Harasi disclosed that there is an idea to launch a sports channel in the future. He promised the channel will appeal to all viewers but, he added, the idea first needs some time to take shape.
Sayyid Khalid bin Hamad al Busaidy, Chairman of Oman Football Association welcomed the channel and said it will be a boon for sports in the Sultanate and specially the game of football.
He noted sports media plays a crucial role 1338402452419052200 in introducing excitement into sports activities but called for objectivity and accuracy in sports reporting.
Said bin Salim al Busaidy, head of Omani Handball Association, also welcomed the channel idea and commended organising meetings with the decision makers. He called upon all to co-operate to ensure the success of the world beach handball championship that the Sultanate will host in November.
Taha al Kishry, head of Oman Swimming Association, said the gathering serves as an incentive for sports associations to seek stronger co-operation with the media.
Muatasim bin Hamood al Zidjali, head of the Omani Tennis Association, said the gathering helped to remove a barrier between sports officials and the media and hoped for more co-operation in the future.

Sohar varsity hosts meet for the media

By Abdulaziz al Jahdhami — MUSCAT — Sohar University, in line with its belief on the important role played by all means of media in guiding and educating people of different segments in the society, held yesterday a gathering to honour local media professionals at InterContinental, Muscat. The event was presided over by Dr Ibrahim bin Ahmed al Kindi, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Establishment for Press, Publication and Advertising (OEPPA).

Mahmood bin Mohammed al Jarwani, Board Chairman of Sohar University and other university’s officials were also present. This annual gathering is organised with the aim of strengthening the university’s professional relationship with the local media bodies that are of great support in helping to achieve the university’s major objectives.

Through this get-together, Sohar University would like to extend its sincere appreciation and gratitude to all media establishments and its journalists and representatives for their continued support to the university and covering its events. The university always strives to stick to its commitment to serve the march of higher education in the Sultanate as well as to move forward on the path of the success for the benefit of all, university, students and media alike. This would not be effectively achieved without the outstanding role of the media.

In his opening speech, Dr Aboud Bin Hamad al Sawafi, Chancellor of Sohar University, welcomed all the attendees and praised the key role played by media and he pointed out: “We organise this annual event to tribute the notable efforts and remarkable mission of all media establishments for their help in serving the nation-building process along with other sectors in the Sultanate. This meet comes in line with the university’s strategy of holding mutual co-operation and continuous communication with the media”.

“Undoubtedly, media plays a vital role in presenting to the society the great contribution and initiatives of different government and private bodies in supporting the Sultanate’s national development. Thus, we really appreciate the outstanding efforts and endeavor of all media personnel in supporting Sohar University and all other higher education institutions all around the country” Al Sawafi remarked.

During the event, Dr Mohammed Hussam al Deen, Director of Law Programme at Sohar University briefed the audience about this new programme which has been introduced in the university recently. Due to the significance of implementing this programme, Sohar University, in co-ordination with three internationally prominent institutions that are University of Queensland in Australia, International Islamic University in Malaysia and University of Jordan to introduce this programme in both languages, Arabic and English.
This initiative will allow those who are interested in studying to join the progrramme within the country as it is available in both languages and there is no need to go abroad.
While planning the programme, the university designed the programme to meet all the current and future requirements of the local market which is in need of such specialisation.
Dr Mohammed noted 1337709808746810000 that the university made all the necessary preparations to successfully start this outstanding programme. Sohar University is aware of the importance of the media and its role in stimulating the educational process. Therefore, this annual event marks its strong belief in media as one of the most important stimuli of the development in higher education sector through its broadcasting of the culture and its coverage of news, conferences and lectures related to education.
From this perspective, Sohar University is keen to build bridges of communication with various local media bodies.
The gathering was well-received by the media professionals who expressed their gratitude to Sohar University for its generous gesture and its efforts to maintain a continuous communication relationship with them.